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SHR – „Super Hair Removal“ describes an innovative technology. Therefore, it is not a brand or product name of a manufacturer.

This technique relies on focused light, which makes treatment of bigger body areas possible. We use devices with a wavelength range generally at 690 nm. The applicators of the devices contain specially coated sapphire crystal. In addition, the high infrared areas are filtered out by water. This can prevent the risk of burns, which can be caused by the heated skin.

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The handpiece is glided over the skin area and heats up the skin continuously, contrary to the IPL method. Through this, only temperatures of about 45° Celsius occur, which reduces the risk of burns significantly. Different than with the IPL method the SHR method works with low energy. This is also the reason for the treatment being completely painless and having only slight warmth can be felt during the treatment. Often this feeling is compared to sunbathing. Here the general principle is the denaturation of proteins in the hair root as well.

The light absorption, with the SHR method, takes place only to 50% via the melanin, which leads to a reduction the risk of burns, contrary to the IPL method. Furthermore, the focus is also on the treatment of the stem cells and not on the hair follicles.

These stem cells are responsible for the nutrient supply of the hair and thus the hair root. When treated with the SHR procedure, the skin is heated continuously. As a result, the stem cells of the hair are heated to about 45 ° Celsius, which ultimately leads to denaturation of the proteins. The hair root, or the hair follicle, can then no longer be supplied with nutrients by the stem cell and precipitates after some time. This process can only take place when there is an active connection between hair and root. Because every hair works as a “bridge”, similar to fiberglass, to the hair root and thus also to the stem cell. Only in this way can the light beams, the SHR device, successfully reach the stem cells.


An important point, which you definitely have to consider before a treatment is, that hair should not be plucked or depilated in any other way. This also applies to a treatment with wax, because with such kind of treatments the hair is plucked with its hair root. If this is the case, the important “bridge” between the hair and stem cells is destroyed and the light beams cannot reach those anymore. Only after 4 weeks, the earliest, a treatment of the hair can take place, after it has regenerated itself and is now in its active growth phase.

However, nothing speaks against a shave in the desired area. Because this is the “bridge” is not destroyed because the hair is cut off just above the skin. Thus, a successful treatment can continue to take place. A shave of the desired body region is recommended even one day before the treatment. The skin may still settle down before the SHR treatment takes place. This can reduce the risk of irritation or redness of the skin.

optical dividing line with light cell tag


A treatment of body areas, which are tattooed, generally cannot be carried out. The colours which are used in such a tattoo are the reason for this. With a treatment with SHR or IPL there is the risk, that changes of the colour could appear. Since we can’t exclude a health risk, it is important to leave out every tattooed area. Therefore, all tattoos are excluded during a treatment.

Also, with endogenous pigments, e.g. Birthmarks (nevus), treatment should be avoided. Since these also contain the dye melanin, these sites take the wavelengths of the light beam stronger. In order to avoid biological reactions here too, these sites are covered and left out during treatment.


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