What are the advantages of photoepilation?


Since the 1990s it is common for many women to remove unwanted hair in the intimate area, as well as in the leg and armpit area. For a regular removal of body hair often methods as shaving or the painful treatment with wax or an epilation device are used.

Depending on the method the effect of a smooth skin can last for a few days up to several weeks.

The trend of hair removal is getting more popular with men as well. However, the most used methods have the disadvantage that they have to be performed repeatedly.

The revolutionary XENOgel Technology with most modern photoepilation technology ensures a permanent* hair removal.

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Smooth skin in the intimate or armpit area appeals to many people as aesthetic and erotic. Especially during summer time stubbly hairs are very much unwanted. When shaving those stubbles reappear quite quickly. With the permanent hair removal*, you are freed from annoying and constant depilation.


Methods such as shaving or waxing are always associated with a great expenditure of time. Especially when shaving after a few days already disturbing hairs occur, which must then be laboriously removed again. People with dark hair can be particularly affected. Permanent hair removal* saves you precious time. The innovative XENOgel Technology ensures a lasting effect without daily expenditure of time. Save yourself a lot of effort and time in the long run.

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Many women may experience more hair in areas such as the upper lip. A so-called lady beard occurs in about 20-30% of all women and occurs through genetic inheritance or hormonal changes. Since many affected women suffer from this body hair, there are many ways to remove it. Most turn to the razor, causing visible stubble. Even painful treatments with wax are considered. Do not suffer from this unsightly hair and forget painful hair removal methods. The XENOgel Technology offers you an optimal alternative with a permanent* effect even in this unusual body site. Even in women with pronounced hairiness in the abdominal and neck area, the XENOgel Technology is a success-guaranteed procedure.


With many common hair removal methods as shaving, sugaring, waxing and epilation skin irritations can occur. Such irritations have symptoms as reddened skin, itching, pimples or eczemas. Since many people have sensitive skin such symptoms are common. Even people without sensitive skin can be affected with such skin irritations. Areas as the intimate and armpit area as well as the buttocks are generally more sensible. For this reason, it is important to choose the right method of hair removal. Especially in the summer time a smooth skin is desired, but skin irritations can disturb this complexion. The permanent hair removal* with laser treats the skin especially gentle and therefore can make your dream of permanent* smooth skin come true.


When it comes to the body hair for men, it is widely accepted and not distracting. But some men have stronger body hair. This is especially true for the areas on the back, chest and abdomen. If this is the case, it can quickly lead to an unpleasant smell, because sweat can attach itself to the hair. With such problems, conventional methods of hair removal can help in the short term, but these are very painful and time consuming. For a permanent* solution, our SHR laser technology is the optimal alternative.

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