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Silky smooth skin – the dream of many. But this does not only apply to the face, also the removal of body hair is for many a fixed component of their daily life. Here there are many different methods to achieve this. Not all methods are suitable for every skin type. The following is an informative overview of which technique gives the best results.

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The depilation is probably the most common type of temporary hair removal. During a hair removal of this kind the hair are only removed on the skin surface, this way the hair root remains. This however leads to a quick regrowth of hair.

There are different possibilities to remove hair temporary. Although the duration of the effect differs, all methods can only guarantee a temporary result. The probably most common type of depilation is shaving, with gel or disposable razor. Just after a few days, hair is already regrowing. The risk of skin irritations is also high. Another kind of removal is by means of depilatory cream. It removes hair on a chemical basis. This effect lasts significantly longer, with up to 14 days, than when shaving.

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With the epilation much longer results can be achieved. Here the hair is removed from their hair follicle, contrary to depilation. Lasting results of up to 5 weeks can be achieved. However, the great disadvantage of this kind of hair removal is, that either with sensitive skin or too short hair, the epilation can lead to painful skin irritations.

Similar results but also similar side effects can occur with alternative methods as waxing or sugaring. Both of those methods leave reddened skin areas behind. With waxing unwanted hair are pulled out of the hair root by means of cold or warm wax. Due to the direct removal from the root, a quick regrowth of hair can be prevented. However, due to those jerky movements redness of the skin is more likely. Sugaring is comparably gentler. After cleaning the skin surface a paste, consisting of water, sugar and lemon, is applied. Shortly after the application the paste is removed against the natural direction of growth. This is hardly different than waxing, however it is significantly more skin-friendly. The risk of skin redness is much lower and just as thorough.


Although some of the temporary methods produce good results, none of them can guarantee a lasting result. We offer you a reliable alternative: innovative laser and light processes.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

With the IPL method a lasting result can be achieved. By irradiating the skin area with high-energy light streams, the melanin in the hair absorbs the light and converts it into heat. These heatwaves are passed directly from the base into the roots, leading the nutrient cells of the root to denature, due to the thermic reaction. Thus, the result of permanent hair removal* can be achieved, since now the reproduction of the hair is prevented.

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XENOgel® Technology

The XENOgel Technology offers you, thanks to the combination of latest SHR technique and a skin-friendly crystal gel, the most effective skin protection. Due to the refreshing crystal gel the skin is constantly cooled. This way the risk of skin irritations can be reduced. Although the method being so skin-friendly, the result is optimal. The renowned SHR technique, contrary to the IPL method, does not only transmit light pulses to the root, but also the stem cells are treated. Those are responsible for the hair reproduction. Due to this double effect the hair roots are permanently shut down, which excludes the possibility of regeneration.

The XENOgel Technology offers another advantage: The skin-friendly method makes a treatment of light hair types possible. With other methods as for example the IPL method, treatments of such hair types are difficult. Initially those hairs can be removed but can form again after some time.

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When it comes to such a case, the risk is very high that the defence mechanism forms a white hair. Thereafter, a follow-up treatment is not possible, because a white hair contains no melanin. Enjoy permanently* smoother skin. The XENOgel Technology makes hair removal possible in all parts of the body. Even in sensitive regions, we provide you with an effective and skin-friendly treatment.

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