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For an effective treatment it is necessary to pay attention to the growth cycles of hair. Depending on the body region, hair has a different cycle. To give you an overview of which hairs have which cycle, we have compiled the most common ones here. In addition, our video informs you about the different growth phases of each hair and the associated specifics of a treatment.

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For achieving a successful treatment of permanent hair removal, it is absolutely necessary to comply with the intervals of the follow-up appointments. If you already know that you must have a longer break, due to i.e. a holiday trip, you should take that into account beforehand.

The cycles differ depending on the body areas.

4 weeks              Armpits, Bikini and Intimate Zone, Intergluteal fold

6 weeks              Feet, Lower leg, Thigh, Chest, Abdomen, Buttocks, Coccyx, Back, Shoulders, Neck, Upper arm, Forearm, Hands

8 weeks               Face, Neck, Upper lip, Chin, Head


Only about 10% of hair are in the active growth phase during a cycle.

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During the growth phase of a hair it undergoes several cycles. The growth phases which are important for a permanent hair removal are the active phase, also known as anagen phase and the resting phase (telogen phase). Since the hair has no connection to the hair root during the resting phase, it is not supplied with nutrients and consequently does not grow any further. In the active phase, however, it has a connection to the hair root and therefore is supplied with nutrients, which leads to growth.

For this reason, it is important to treat the hair, when an active connection exists, since only this way a successful result can be ensured. During the treatment with the XENOgel technology the light can get to the hair root and denature it. Consequently, the hair root can’t be supplied with nutrients anymore and the hair finally falls out.

About 90% of body hair is in the resting phase, therefore about only 10% are in the active phase. Every hair remains in the anagen growth phase for about 4 weeks. Depending on the body area that phase can be 6 or 8 weeks long. Afterwards every hair enters the telogen phase, where it remains for 9×4, 9×6 or 9×8 weeks. Therefore, every hair has its own cycle.

Assuming 1000 hairs are on a surface of 10cm². Thus, 900 hairs rest and 100 are in the active phase, where the cycle is for example 4 weeks. Now, after 4 weeks, 10% of the other hairs that previously rested are in the anagen phase. Consequently, it is important to follow the cycles, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that all hair was treated in its active growth phase. If the treatment cycle is interrupted, it is impossible to determine which hair is in the active phase. Thus, it can cause the whole process to start almost new. Additional treatment is necessary to achieve the desired result of permanent hair removal*.

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