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State-of-the-art photoepilation technology combined with a skin-friendly crystal gel treatment


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In the area of the permanent hair removal* with photo or laser epilation, are numerous methods. Different to a treatment with IPL, the XENOgel Technology combines innovative photo epilation technology and a gentle crystal gel. Therefore, the light pulses can be optimally transmitted to the hair root. Furthermore, the crystal gel is comfortably cool on the skin during the treatment. Contrary to the IPL method, the damaging of the hair root is not only attained via the melanin, because with the XENOgel Technology the stem cells of the hair root is also treated. This way the hair root can be permanently damaged, without any possibility of regeneration.

infographic melanin nested hair cells

If the hair and the hair root have an active connection, the light pulses can reach those. This is possible due to the dye melanin, which is contained in the hair. Although, this dye can be found in skin cells. Depending on the concentration, which means depending on how tanned the skin is, a high radiant intensity can lead to damaging of the skin. With some method, for example the IPL method, it can be difficult to treat very light hair. Here those initially disappear completely, however, due to regeneration of the damaged hair root a new hair can be grown. Thereby the defence mechanism of the body produces a white hair, which contains no melanin, thus cannot be treated anymore.

Infographic mode of action XENOgel technologies cross section skin with hair


Before the treatment

Before treatment with XENOgel Technology, you should shave the area to be treated. Most importantly, it should not be epilated, plucked or waxed, otherwise the hair underneath the skin will not be able to form a “bridge” to the hair root.

During the treatment

For the treatment itself, the crystal gel is first applied to the area to be treated. Then the intensity of the device, determined during the consultation, is set.

Thereupon, the applicator will be glided over the area of skin and thus constantly warmed up. The gel optimizes the light effect and then cools the skin.

The graphic illustrates on the one hand the components of the treatment, and on the other hand the principle mode of action of the technology. What exactly happens under the skin is explained below.

Photo set treatment impressions


The XENOgel Technology offers you a procedure that prevents such risks. In this case, treatment is carried out not only through the melanin, but also through the stem cells of the hair. Thus, denaturation of the nutrients in the cells is achieved, which leads to a stop in the reproduction of the hair. This is because the denaturation causes the hair root to lack the nutrients for the growth process.

Moreover, during the treatment the crystal gel is used as an optimization of the light inflow, thus the radiation on the skin can be minimized and prevents damage, even on dark skin. Likewise, the crystal gel has a skin-friendly and cooling effect during the treatment.

Since XENOgel Technology is particularly gentle on the skin, pain-free treatments are also possible in sensitive areas, such as the intimate area.

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