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How is the alexandrite laser used?

Alexandrite laser are often used during the removal of tattoos and pigmentation disorders. However, the main application field is the permanent hair removal*. Here a wavelength of 755nm is used. The colour pigments in the hair root absorb the emitted bundled light. Due to its high energy the hair root is destroyed and the regrowth of a new hair is prevented. This way a permanent* result can be achieved. The treatment is, thanks to its innovative cooling system. Get to know more about possible side effects in the consultation.

Before, during and after the treatment

Before each treatment, the skin is should not be exposed to strong UV radiation three to four weeks before the treatment. Thus, solariums and intensive sunbathing must be avoided. This is absolutely necessary to follow, because with strongly tanned skin the alexandrite laser does not reach the hair follicles but heats the upper skin layers. The result would be burns.

Epilation, waxing and plucking the hair is not recommended 12 days before. Also bleach and depilatory creams should be avoided. Shaving the body area is recommended before starting the treatment. In the case of a facial treatment, the facial skin should be thoroughly cleansed of make-up.

Anaesthesia of the body area is not necessary for a permanent hair removal, because the alexandrite has an innovative cooling system. Thus, the skin is protected and soothed during the treatment. However, after the laser treatment, redness can still occur, which should disappear after one or two days.

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Duration of the laser treatment

The duration of the treatment depends on the body area. Larger areas require more time and smaller areas as for example the upper lip area only requires about 10 minutes. However, a session for treatment the legs could take up about an hour.

For a permanent hair removal, follow-up treatments always must take place, because the hair must be in its growth phase. The growth cycle of a hair can be divided into three parts: the growth phase, the transition phase followed by the resting phase.

For having a successful laser treatment, the hair must be in the growth phase, which affects only about 20 to 30 percent of all hair. Meanwhile, the rest of the hair is in one of the other phases. Every six to eight weeks the hair changes from one to the other phase and another part of the hair can now be treated. Thus, several sessions are needed to treat all hair follicles.

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Duration of effect and suitability

A treatment of very light or grey hair is not possible with the alexandrite laser, since this only affect dark colour pigments. As well a treatment with the alexandrite laser is not suitable for people with a darker skin colour. However, we offer other suitable laser methods for such cases.

Several long-term studies confirm the long-term effect of hair removal with the laser procedure. Already from the first treatment a reduction of the hair density can be perceived. Thus, this decreases with each treatment on.

How long a treatment is necessary, depends on the density and kind of body hair, as well as on the skin type. On average about eight sessions are necessary.


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