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If the method remains the same, there are gender differences in scope and motivation for hair removal. While most women are concerned with the aesthetics of a completely hairless body, many men often remove only excessive hair growth or hair on individual parts of the body. With us you will always find the right treatment for your needs and are expertly advised by our experts for permanent hair removal*.

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Hairless body parts are considered aesthetically and erotically especially in women. A study found that about 97% of women remove their hair themselves. This is usually done on legs, armpits, arms and bikini area. It is above all young women who deal extensively with the topic. Within the last few years, more and more women in middle and old age are resorting to hair removal methods.

About 30% of women suffer from excessive hair growth (http://symptomat.de/Damenbart), especially in places that are more attributed to the male body hair. This is often regarded as unaesthetic and may result in feelings of shame as well as inferiority complexes.

The most common methods are mostly wet shaving. Even painful epilation or waxing is one of the removal practices. The disadvantages are clearly noticeable: The skin is often irritated. Furthermore, the application must be repeated regularly, as the hair regrowth again. Many women want a simple and, above all, lasting method that saves time and yet has a thorough effect. Whether you want smooth skin year-round or want to get rid of excess hair: permanent hair removal* provides the perfect solution. It combines all the factors that matter: we use our expertise and effective technology gently and efficiently so that you are treated to your complete satisfaction.


Hair removal is increasingly becoming a men’s topic. Although body hair is still considered masculine in men. Excessive hair growth, however, is usually considered unerotic by many women. Therefore, more and more men resort to hair removal. 79% of men regularly remove body hair, the tendency is rising. Especially on the back, on the chest or on the abdomen, many men are affected by an excess of hairiness, many actually suffer from it.

However, common methods such as wet or dry shaving and waxing have disadvantages. Often it is difficult to remove the hair yourself, because you can’t reach a body area. The removal is not permanent* and must be repeated. Furthermore, the skin can be irritated and especially the treatment with wax is painful. Thus, more and more men discover the pleasant and durable* XENOgel Technology for themselves and can thus remove disturbing hair on the body.

The trend towards smoother skin is now as popular as ever for men. They also want a removal that lasts as long as possible and works efficiently. Our practice offers expert advice and well-trained staff in a pleasant atmosphere. The treatments are adapted to individual needs so that they are treated to your satisfaction.

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