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Hair growth on the female abdomen

Increased hair growth in the chest and abdominal areas is often found in men. The reason for this is hormones that lead to increased hair growth. However, a small number of women have a problem with unwanted body hair, especially in the abdominal region.

Causes of breast hair

For this, hormonal causes are often the reason, which are usually genetically determined. This can, in turn, lead to increased hair growth in some women. Since most of the hairs are not fine peach fuzz but rather dark, robust hairs, those affected may feel a diminished sense of femininity. We are happy to help you regain this diminished sense of femininity. Be convinced by our innovative technologies and embark on a confident, hair-free future.

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Safe hair removal with XENOgel® Technology

The XENOgel® Technology does not cause any pain or discomfort due to the low temperature. Other methods are not that painless, e.g. the IPL, because these can emit hot heat pulses up to 70 ° Celsius. Therefore, some people experience such pain with such treatments. However, both methods can produce precise, lasting results.

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Treatment duration for chest and abdominal hair removal

For a chest or abdomen treatment, one should plan for approximately 8 to 12 sessions. However, the duration of the treatments can vary depending on the hair structure and skin type.

If you have hair growth on the nipples or areolas, the duration of the treatment is relatively short. However, if there is hair on the abdomen or in the navel area, the duration of the respective treatment is extended. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about our procedures, duration, and costs of treatment at one of our institutes.

How does the treatment with XENOgel® Technology work?

During the treatment with our XENOgel® Technology, the area to be depilated is exposed to light. In the following days, these hairs fall out because the light is highly energetic. The light is converted into heat and can become as warm as up to 45 degrees Celsius. This leads to denaturation of the proteins in the hair follicle, which are responsible for the nutrient supply.

The desired effect is achieved through denaturation because protein structures can be destroyed at temperatures as low as 42 degrees Celsius, such as during a fever. However, the surrounding skin and tissue are not attacked, only gently warmed. No ionizing or UV light radiation is emitted, thus no tissue is damaged. Another advantage is that there is no risk of burning since the temperatures are so low. Therefore, hair removal with this advanced technology is painless yet effective.

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